OWC launches ThunderBlade external SSD: up to 8TB with 2800MB/s speeds

Media professionals in need of a fast, reliable, and high-capacity external SSD have a new option in OWC’sThunderBlade. This external drive, which has started shipping to customers, is offered in 1TB to 8TB capacities with up to 2,800MB/s read speeds and 2,450MB/s write speeds. According to OWC,

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Whenever Possible Shoot Using a Tripod or, BE the Tripod


No this isn’t a lesson in method acting.

Obviously there are many situations where using a tripod is simply impractical but…

It is a good idea to always think of stabilizing the camera at least in some way if possible.

The greater the zoom you are dealing with, the greater the compensation you are making for low light the greater the possibility that camera shake will enter in.

If you can’t use a tripod or monopod then try to make yourself into one.

Lean against a wall or even lock your elbows against the side of your body.

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How to Get the Softest Light Outdoors for Your Photos

Achieving soft, directional light outdoors can be difficult. Sure, you can use an overcast day for soft, natural light, but often, this will not give you the most flattering light on your subject’s face. In this video, we usemy largest light modifier to see how you can turn an overcast day into

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Original Observer photography

Authors, actors, singers and whistleblowers feature in this showcase of the best photography commissioned by the Observer in March 2018 Continue reading…

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Yield! The heyday of British wrestling – in pictures

It was part sport and part circus … writer and curator Kerry William Purcell has chronicled the golden age of British wrestling with original photographs, posters, costumes and designs. Seconds out! Continue reading…

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‘The Millennial Marriage Proposal’ Is a Hilarious Look at Love in the Age of Social Media

If you don’t post about it, did you even get engaged? This hilarious short film spoofs the social media generation with a couple that is most definitely hashtag relationship goals.Read more…

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Photography Literally Means Writing With Light or Light Writing


Look at the Light.

Take the time to step back occasionally and take your attention off the subject matter of your shoots.

Instead look at the light in the scene.

Look at where it is coming from and what effect it is having on the subject.

Observe and learn the different effects that different light sources have on the overall image.

Step into the light!

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