Photography Literally Means Writing With Light or Light Writing


Look at the Light.

Take the time to step back occasionally and take your attention off the subject matter of your shoots.

Instead look at the light in the scene.

Look at where it is coming from and what effect it is having on the subject.

Observe and learn the different effects that different light sources have on the overall image.

Step into the light!

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News:High-speed super resolution for live cell imaging N-SIM S Super Resolution Microscope

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Must-See New Features of ON1 Photo RAW 2018.1, the Professional All-in-One Photo Editor

A free update to ON1 Photo RAW 2018 made sweeping improvements to performance and image quality and also introduced new features. From importing and cataloging to editing, layer-based compositing, and printing, the new Photo RAW 2018.1 is a powerhouse for every photographer’s workflow.

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Sunday Comics: Lady or the Tiger?

Please Support Our Partners: Datacolor Spyder – There is no better time to enhance your capabilities in color management and create outstanding images. Calibrating your display is the first step to ensuring your prints accurately match what you see on your screen. Luminar – Meet the world’s

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Photographer uses 4,100 pounds of electronic waste to create these incredible portraits

Electronic waste is a fast-growing waste stream. Photographer Ben Von Wong set himself on a mission to make people become more aware of it – using his art. He gathered 4,100 pounds of electronic waste and built sets for an incredible series of portraits to raise awareness of this growing issue.

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Find a Rule of Photography and Break It


Well maybe not so fast there!

Try this.

Find a rule of photography, learn it and apply it until you can see that it works and why it works.

Now take the same rule and break it!

Photography is an art.

Like any art it has a technical aspect to it and because of that certain rules have evolved.

Never treat the rules as being set in stone.

Learn to follow the rule and achieve the expected result but don’t stop there.

Look at lots of images that follow the rule then find images that break the rule, yet still work.

Try to figure out why.

Then go out and break some rules!

Lather, rinse and repeat.

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How I photographed a Kawasaki ZX-12R with light painting and compositing

It’s always fun having the opportunity to create new images, especially when the subject is something new. It comes with its own unique challenges. Like this lovely Kawasaki motorbike that we took to a little carpark near the town of Kilsyth in Scotland overlooking the countryside and

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