Learn Digital Photography

Here at My Photography Tips we are big fans of approaching things on a gradient – especially new interests like learning digital photography!

There is ample opportunity for you to go hog wild on new digital cameras, image editing software and expensive tickets to the Amazon rain forests to explore your new passion in life!

However we tend to recommend a more measured approach. The photography tips, tricks and techniques on this site will certainly get you going in the right direction but in all honesty it is a limited resource.

Regardless of the digital camera you have you should be able to get good shots with that camera… provided you know how.

Buying a better camera will not make up for a lack of basic photographic knowledge or technique so we recommend this course to get those basics established from the start:

The program we recommend is Beginner Digital Photography and yes, we are aware it seems to be a bit of a cheesy name!

Here’s What You Get:

“This beginner digital photography course is perfect for the absolute beginner looking to take better photographs of their friends and families, while on holiday or starting a new hobby in photography.

This beginner digital photography course is ideal for anybody looking to truly learn the FUNDAMENTALS OF PHOTOGRAPHY.

Leaving this beginner digital photography course, students will be able to operate their camera in full manual or aperture priority.

This beginner digital photography course covers the ability to freeze motion or create long exposure photographs such as slowing water.

In addition the digital beginner photography course adds the ability for students to manipulate their depth of field (blurry background) so they are able to use the right camera settings for portrait, landscape and architecture amongst other conditions.

Finally the beginner digital photography student will understand what lenses to use for different situations, take crystal clear indoor and low light photographs.

Our beginner digital photography course is the most hands-on photography course in Udemy and we provide a series of practical creative and technical examples so that you feel comfortable and confident with your camera.”

Thoughts on the Product:

This package covers a lot of ground on the topic of digital photography. All of the advice is very step-by-step and detailed, but doesn’t include unnecessary filler or technobabble.

Even for someone who has never used a digital camera before, the information is clear and concise enough to take that person from buying a camera to taking their first shots and being proud of their work.

The product can be downloaded instantly upon purchase, so you don’t have to wait for a bunch of books and videos to come in the mail.

Where to Learn More?

Click Here to Check Beginner Digital Photography for Yourself