Otherwise known as opening the Kimono and showing you everything.

This page outlines exactly what the deal is with https://my-photography-tips.com (hereafter referred to as “this site” or “the site”) as far as our editorial policy goes, our relationship with vendors listed on the site, advertising shown on this site and affiliate links.

You should know we mean business with this because we used the word “hereafter” which everybody knows only appears in very authoratative statements… and stuff.

Advertising: This site uses three basic advertising companies to display ads for various products related to the subject of each page. At the time of publishing these three companies are ClickBank, Commision Junction and Google Adsense. These advertisers may change without notice however the policy of this site remains the same regardless of the advertising company serving ads to this site.

The advertising served to this site in this manner is served remotely from each advertisers own web servers and this site has no control over what ads are displayed other than blocking ads for services such a gambling sites, porn sites, dog surfing videos, fluffy kittys and anything else we consider irrelevant to our audience.

The advertisers use software to analyze each page and serve up ads they feel are most appropriate to that page and your location.

Other than this arrangement there is no other relationship between this site, its owners and the ad companies and as such they can not exercise any influence on the owners of this site as to the editorial content of this site. If you click on any of this advertising we will recieve a commission… we think… Not really sure if it has happened yet.

Affiliate Commissions: Most products recommended on this site will result in us receiving an affiliate commission should you choose to purchase that product through our affiliate links on this site. The size of the commission varies widely.

The policy of this site is that we do not recommend any product we have not used ourselves. Further we do not recommend products that are sub-standard for the sake of receiving an affiliate commission.

We do not recommend products that have dubious or difficult refund policies. We believe that just because we found the product to be good does not necessarily mean that you will for your purposes. It is important to us that you can get a prompt refund on your purchase should you see fit depending on the individual refund policies of each vendor.

If you do have any difficulties regarding this do not hesitate in letting us know so that we can address the problem with the vendor in question.

Although we research each product as best we can it is entirely up to you to take advantage of free trials and do your own due diligence prior to making any purchase.

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Editorial Policy: This site does not give any commercial consideration to what subjects or products are discussed on the site. All content is included in an effort to provide valuable information to our readers.

This site does not engage in any in any type of “paid editorial” or payment for positive reviews or mentions.

Although we have waited excitedly for years now for someone to actually come along and bribe us to make positive comments regarding their product or service, sadly this has yet to happen.

The most likely cause of this is that if you want to pay us to comment on your rubbish product we will happily take your money, however be warned that we will state clearly that you product is rubbish.

Profits: In the unlikely event that we ever actually make any money from this site we will be pocketing the lot for ourselves and sharing it with no-one. We will probably spend it all on candy, toys and other shiny things.

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