It’s All About Us!

My Photography TipsIf you’re looking for some good photography tips without the intimidating jargon and technical rants you certainly have come to the right place!

We offer a wide range of photography tips in all sorts and flavors. Take a glance to the left… no, no, not YOUR left… MY left so that would be your right… right? You will see a navigation menu… yikes! Look at that thing! It’s filled with meaty photographic goodness and it’s all true!

Just click on one of those titles and you will be whisked away into a world of useful photography tips that we have gathered over the years… and years, of taking photos.

Photography is a LOT of fun. We can help you get real, and competent, with your photography. Start browsing!

Here’s our first good photography tip: Life is buzzing away all around you, usually very photogenically too – so get out there and record it in lots of great pictures people may drool over (or not). But, hey, at least you’re not spending your waking hours just staring at a screen.

These photography tips are the hard-earned fruit of over four decades of shooting pictures across a wide range of photographic genres with a wide range of digital cameras.

We don’t pretend to be excellent, award-winning photographers (we never tried) but our tips can help you avoid the pitfalls and confusions that lurk out there and entertain you at the same time.

So – pick a genre and start browsing!

Why is this site different from the other Photography Tips sites?

Because we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we ENJOY taking great pictures – as opposed to being fixated on the technology and the meaning of it all. Also, we’re not a front for a commercial activity. If we think some product is useful we’ll say so and why, otherwise it’s over to you to figure out how to spend your hard-earned bucks.

Why are we doing this?

Because we love you, our dear website browsing compatriot, we care about you and want you to be happy and free… Seriously, because it’s fun. Because we know stuff. Because we have some time on our hands and like showing off.

Further Study

Although we try to ad more good photography tips and techniques to this site regularly there really is no substitute for studying some solid basics. We don’t mean some dry old four year theoretical advanced degree!

After grinding through a gazillion (well a lot anyway) “How to…” products on photography we have narrowed the field down to one that we feel confident in recommending.

The product we recommend for learning digital photography is in our opinion, one of the best online today. It covers just about EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about getting started the right way in digital photography.

The program is called The Beginner Digital Photography and covers way, way too much for us to talk about here.

Click Here To Take a Look at Beginner Digital Photography For Yourself

Contact / Feedback

We know almost no one ever bothers to do this but hey, we’re giving these tips for free you know, so why not do your bit by telling us if they’re useful, or not. We would love to hear of any successes you’ve had using them, or at least if you found them entertaining. Plus you can ask a question and we’ll really answer it… really!

Just hit the handy dandy “contact” button and let us know!

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