When Photographing People – Don’t Be a Bossy Pants!

Isolated Drill Sergeant

It is very easy when you get caught up in the moment of creation to start ordering people around like cattle to get them to comply with your “grand vision!”

Yes, a degree of control is always necessary when photographing people, especially when there is more than one to cope with!

However for the most part maintaining the concept that the end result is for them or others and not you, will always yield better results.

6 thoughts on “When Photographing People – Don’t Be a Bossy Pants!”

  1. That depends. Seriously though I’ve run into some people that have an idea in their heads that is wrong going into a portrait. Being able to control even a little bit does help and furthering the results to be a lot less than a “Snapshot”!
    The more experienced can make tweeks and slight movements without coming across being “Bossy” like you say…

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