Get Comfortable in the Environment or Surroundings


An extreme example of this would be underwater photography but it applies to just about anything.

If you are a poor swimmer or have an irrational fear of all things marine then there is no way you are going to be able to see, let alone take a good shot if you are flapping about in the water in a perpetual state of drowning.

Good wedding or event photographers always scout the the venues they will be covering to get the lay of the land and work out some possible angles for good shots.

Outdoor photographers or wildlife photographers are unlikely to get anything decent if their full attention is on avoiding deadly quicksand, falling off a nearby cliff or being attacked by killer bees.

Extreme wildlife photographers, in other words people trying to photograph kids parties, should be especially mindful of this point and should specifically watch for sudden introductions of sugar into the party mix.

This introduction of sugar will always result in 30 minutes of extremely dangerous behavior on the part of your quarry followed by a descent into highly charged emotion.

Get your shots in as they are going up and after the 30 minute mark make a run for the door.

9 thoughts on “Get Comfortable in the Environment or Surroundings”

  1. I pretty much grew up in the wilderness. I don’t want to get into a discussion about the ethics of hunting but hunting is a large part of the culture in my area. I’ve found that my skills as a big game hunter came in quite handy when trying to photograph the local whitetail population. Whith that in mind I would recommend that anyone who wants to photograph wildlife study up on hunting and stalking big game. Learn how track and how wildlife thinks and reacts to being stalked. It opens up a world of opportunities.

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