Start by Shooting Subjects You Have a Natural Liking For


Start your photographic adventures by shooting people you are familiar with, places you know well and things you are passionate about.

Persist with this process until your work begins the reflect your natural affinity for the people and things you love.

A pro can literally make an image of paint drying seem appealing… but that’s because they are pro’s!

Eventually you will become more technically and artistically proficient at representing things you like in way that makes them interesting to others.

The final step is bringing it all together so that you can take a shot of something you are not that interested in personally but… CAN make it interesting to others.

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7 Responses to Start by Shooting Subjects You Have a Natural Liking For

  1. I agree! Taking pictures of what you like and are familiar with makes for good shots. I think there’s a comfort level that makes the subject more relaxed and natural in pictures.

  2. Btw, forgot to say the pic on this post is lovely.

  3. Passion makes perfect. Lovely post. Thank you for the follow.

  4. caplunker says:

    Nice blog! I started to realize I am much more liking shooting with my camera Samsung phone than my old Canon 7D. Hmmm. I could never get used to all those settings, more interested in composition, texture than lens, controlling light or focus, and shooting fast.

  5. wow thanks for this! 🙂 so helpful… 🙂

  6. Nidhi says:


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