Always Be Watching – But Not in a Creepy Way!


You never know when something is going to happen so have a camera with you at all times.

Success at really getting good at photography is the idea of creating within your own mindset the viewpoint of always “being on.”

By that I mean always being aware of the world around you and opportunities within it for getting that great shot.

Of course sharpening your observation and “seeing” your environment as a photo is all rather pointless if you don’t have a camera with you!

12 thoughts on “Always Be Watching – But Not in a Creepy Way!”

  1. I totally agree. I am seldom without a camera in my hand. I may not always use it, but the few times I have no camera are usually when I wish I had thought ahead.

  2. Even if I don’t have a camera with me, I find if I am in the habit of looking for potential photo-opps that I am able to appreciate my surroundings more. I know I have missed MANY photos that I would love to have, but by developing more awareness, I have at least gained more appreciation for the little moments that I don’t capture.

  3. The lines below are from a recent Twitter poem, “Behind the City Lights”. They come from my amazement at the shots that suddenly present themselves as I pass by with my camera around my neck, carrying the will to photograph. But how quickly they come together and more quickly leave. It’s like there’s purpose behind it, like the city’s posing. I usually have only one chance to take the shot, I mean a second, and I use a completely manual camera. It happens too that I aim the camera and then something comes in the viewfinder right at that instant, and I think it’s blocking me but find on reflection a moment later that it was the shot. An example recently was a row of pizza delivery bikes outside a pizza shop, and as I focused the shot from across the street from out of nowhere an ox cart came in-between me and the subject, which would’ve been just perfect as the foreground of the modern delivery bikes, but I wasn’t fast enough on the take.

    I can sit somewhere and see it,
    the city movement being at play.
    We watch a photograph come together.
    A consciousness puts together the shot
    along the avenues of intersecting lines.
    There, it’s gone.
    So rudimentary,
    it just poses
    like a sleepwalker.
    It’s not conscious of itself,
    but in its wheels One works.
    How conscious everything is
    when you get right down to it.

  4. Best advice, ever. I can’t tell you how many “perfect” shots I’ve missed because I didn’t have a camera with me (going to work, shopping, etc – who needs a camera then, right?). Now I make it a point to take my trusty old pocket size Olympus whenever I can’t carry the better, bigger Nikon camera. And of course, there’ always the camera on the old flip phone (it does take surprisingly good shots which can be edited into actual photos). PS – I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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