When Posing Men


When photographing men in formal surroundings tell them what to do with their hands and no I don’t just mean keep them to themselves!

Most guys can deal reasonably well with how to act or behave in a formal setting such as a wedding, party or even corporate event.

Of course there will always be exceptions and that’s why wedding planners have “that table” way up the back of the room!

What most men have great difficulty with is posing formally for photographs within those types of settings.

As the photographer in situations such as those you hardly have time to spend hours working with them to get a pose that conveys some sort of natural ease.

In the absence of clear directions a sort of nervous hysteria will begin to set in resulting in them either striking some kind of silly pose or worse still, reverting to Neanderthal behavior and scratching their nether regions.

The quickest way to get good shots is to at least tell them where you want them to place their hands.

Generally speaking if you can get their hands handled for them, the rest will fall into place.

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12 Responses to When Posing Men

  1. Maybe a remote control will help too 🙂

  2. The Guern says:

    So, where do I put my hands?

  3. Ramses says:

    I absolutely love this! Both kind of cheeky and true! Thanks!!

  4. I’ve often said – ‘you don’t need to protect the family jewels,’ but that expression may be too dated of late. Perhaps I’ll expand on this fine post. Grunt.

  5. 2e0mca says:

    Not quite a ‘Formal’ situation – each year I do the individual and team photograph for my local football club. For the individual shots I ask them to go down on one knee – which allows me to use the grass of the pitch as a background. It also has the effect of controlling the hands which they either rest on the upright knee or clasp behind their back.

  6. mickeypamo says:

    hahahahahaha! Hilarious and helpful! Nice ta meetcha, Stephen! Send more!
    ms. mickey morgan

  7. Words to be included with every portrait lens sold 😂😂😂. Love it

  8. Good tip! And thanks for liking my recent photo post on my blog.

  9. Excellent! Most helpful!

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