Whenever Possible Shoot Using a Tripod or, BE the Tripod


No this isn’t a lesson in method acting.

Obviously there are many situations where using a tripod is simply impractical but…

It is a good idea to always think of stabilizing the camera at least in some way if possible.

The greater the zoom you are dealing with, the greater the compensation you are making for low light the greater the possibility that camera shake will enter in.

If you can’t use a tripod or monopod then try to make yourself into one.

Lean against a wall or even lock your elbows against the side of your body.

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4 Responses to Whenever Possible Shoot Using a Tripod or, BE the Tripod

  1. Re-Farmer says:

    Before we moved, one of my favourite places to take photos – especially macro shots of gemstones and minerals – was at the city museum. Unfortunately, no tripods allowed. Not even a monopod. Low light throughout the museum and, to protect the displays, no flash allowed.

    We sometimes had to get pretty creative in order to “be” the tripod!

    • petesteph1 says:

      I guess “leaning” on things was a bit limited as well!

      • Re-Farmer says:

        Quite! Some weren’t to bad; items behind glass, I could brace the camera on the glass itself (got some decent macro shots that way). Others had rails or display ledges in front of dioramas that I could use to lean on, if I were trying to focus on something lower down. Others subjects… there was nothing. There were a few artifacts that I’d been trying to get good photos of for years, but never quite succeeded. *L*

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