The Camera is a Tool


The Camera is a tool like any other tool.

It has to be learned so that you can use it instinctively.

Camera manufacturers go to great lengths to produce manuals and guides for the use of their cameras.

Admittedly they can sometimes be a bit difficult to wade through but nonetheless they are of immense value.

Take advantage of this and learn how to use the one you have.

Don’t ever fall into the trap of chasing that other great camera that will take that “brilliant” photo.

Cameras don’t shoot photos, photographers shoot photos and a photographer is someone who know how to use their available tools without thinking.


8 thoughts on “The Camera is a Tool”

  1. I am one of those “read all the instructions first” people…my husband just jumps right in and consults manuals only as a last resort. I have to admit though, my camera manual was just too technical for me. Like the movie quote I need someone to “explain it to me like I’m a 6 year old.” LOL

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