When You Are Taking Photos of People Don’t Be Afraid to Move In Close

Senior man looking off into distance

Zoom With Your Feet!

Standing back and trying to get in close using your zoom is often necessary when you are in stealth mode for candid shots.

However it does leave you open to camera shake the more you zoom.

If the opportunity presents itself the preference here is to move physically closer to the subject and increase the sense of intimacy.


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7 Responses to When You Are Taking Photos of People Don’t Be Afraid to Move In Close

  1. Arishej says:

    A wonderful picture !

  2. themofman says:

    “Move in (paraphrase).” — Robert Capa

  3. As I like taking pictures of strangers, taking a picture from the distance is risky (and strange) enough, but zooms are wonderful indeed!

    • Vijayan says:

      How do you guys do this? Do you guys pick a spot to wait for a good scene to pop up or it’s just randomly walking and then you spot it?

      • petesteph1 says:

        Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was one of the greatest “candid” photographers would spend days or even weeks in the one location visiting that spot day after day. he would note the people, the overall location and look for people who regularly appeared there. Once he had it all sorted out then he would go there for just one day just pointing and shooting as inconspicuously as he could. Patience.

      • Vijayan says:

        Perfect explanation. Thank you. I love photography but am still learning.

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