Wedding Photography Tips – After the Service and Before the Reception

After the ceremony, take the bride and groom to a nearby beach or park and let them chill out and shoot some candid shots.

These are their first minutes/hours of married life, so the shots can be happy, affectionate, excited, relaxed, reflective, etc.

You could decide in advance if these will be posed and glamorous or relaxed and carefree, or a combo.

Put the couple in a good scene, walking hand in hand along a beach, leaning relaxed against a tree, standing on a footbridge overlooking a pond, sitting on the grass, etc.

wedding-photography-4-after-kiss wedding-photography-4-park

Use zoom for some of these so you’re allowing them some space, and also to soften the background.


The Dress: Do get a shot of the dress looking good and the bride with her bouquet. This might be the only chance she has of a photo showing how beautiful she looked on the day with all the accessories.


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