Wedding Photography Tips – Shots Before the Wedding

Wedding Photography Tips – Shots Before the Wedding

Getting ready, getting dressed, stuff in the limo.

These are usually candid shots of the bride freaking out with her dressers and friends. Sometimes the groom wants these too but you can only be in one place at once – stick with the bride.

These will probably be indoor shots at home or the hotel. If you want to cover these moments shoot a lot.I suggest waiting until the subject is looking good before you start shooting. Pictures of the bride without make-up, or the groom in his underwear are not going to be big ‘sellers’.

‘Candid indoors’ usually means using some kind of lighting even if it’s opening all the curtains. Direct Flash is never very flattering to anyone so avoid it if you can.

If you plan to invest in equipment the best thing to get is a flash outfit that has a slave unit. This is a flash that is separate from the camera. Bounce this flash off a reflector, or the ceiling (light colored ceiling) for a soft flattering light.



Make sure that you shoot at least several posed shots as well as candid shots. Get everyone together in a relaxed group and shoot it a few times.

Pose the bride with her friends – shoot that.

wedding-photography-2-dressing1 wedding-photography-2-dressing2

Shoot the bride with her father.

Shoot the bride getting into the limo – this can be a posed shot with the bride half in the door looking at the camera shoot from the front seat, etc.


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