On Portraiture


When taking portraits or general shots of a particular person try to locate them in their natural environment.

Oftentimes the scene or setting of the shot can add greatly to it. Having you subject located in their natural environment can go a long way in communicating more baout the person.

Conversely having the same person in a totally unreal environment can at worst create confusion but at least add nothing.

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Living and Traveling in a Vehicle as a Full-Time Landscape Photographer

Have you ever wondered how people start full time in photography and even take it one step further by working and living as a full-time landscape photographer? Dave Morrow is one of those people and he spends his days in the middle of nowhere to capture the best images.

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Even Peter Lik Says His Art Is Not Worth the Money

‘It’s like a Mercedes-Benz. You drive it off the lot, it loses half its value,’ says artist Peter Lik, describing his own work. Thisbrutal article from the New York Times examines the extraordinary amounts of money that people continue to spend on Lik’s work and how he has created his own

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Experience the Sound of a Sonic Boom Through a Photographer’s Ears

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When You Are Taking Photos of People Don’t Be Afraid to Move In Close

Senior man looking off into distance

Zoom With Your Feet!

Standing back and trying to get in close using your zoom is often necessary when you are in stealth mode for candid shots.

However it does leave you open to camera shake the more you zoom.

If the opportunity presents itself the preference here is to move physically closer to the subject and increase the sense of intimacy.


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Creative Minds Today Call for Constant Creation

Why do we keep creating? Why do we feel the need to keep creating something that nowadays merely feeds to the largely insatiable society that craves new content, new trends, new visuals?Jakob Owens created a brief but thought-evoking video which gives an insight in how today’s creative mind works.

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February ‘Weather’ Competition – Win Nikon 100th Anniversary Souvenirs!

This month you can win a Nikon anniversary souvenirs bundle in our ‘Weather’ competition.

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